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As an American in Florence, I was struck by the preponderance of bicycles. They are everywhere you turn, in all shapes and colors—some shiny and new, others stolen and repainted.

And each bike has a distinct personality.

I spent many early mornings and late afternoons strolling the winding, cobblestone alleys, getting to know the historic city through its bicycles, and trying to capture a bit of their personalities through their relationships with each other and with the city itself.


It is an incredible privilege to be asked to  shoot someone’s wedding. But it is also a great responsibility, with at least a full day of shooting followed by weeks of editing and hoping the happy couple is also happy with your work.

My wedding shoots are often followed up by custom album design.


As the primary photographer of my previous company, I have lots of experience shooting headshots, ads, and corporate events.

The final examples were shot for advertisements, with extra space reserved for the copy.


To see more of my photography, check out coryschoollandphotography.com.

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